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#FreeEbook in #Economics: The book Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt was published more than half a century ago, but its "lesson" has apparently not yet been learnt. In Economics in One Lesson Hazlitt delivers a comprehensive introduction to the basic concepts of real-life economics, outlining the problems of contemporary macro- and microeconomics, labour economics, public economics and international economics. By referencing to the global economic issues, the author gives the answer to the question of why study economics. The popular fallacies which gave rise to many of the contemporary economic problems still persist. In Economics in One Lesson, Hazlitt refutes the Keynesian self-destructive logic of state interventionism and the misguided notions of equality, full employment etc. by applying the critical and pragmatic economic thinking of supply side economics.

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Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt | Why study economics | What is supply side economics |  Free ebooks download

Book Review: Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt

Economics in One Lesson pdf download Hazlitt why study economics
Economics in One Lesson Summary

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The book Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt is a great introduction to the science that we all call Economics. Written in 1944, the book is still topical in our time, for the "one lesson" does not seem to have been learnt since then. In some respect, the book Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt answers the question why study economics by helping the reader understand the benefits of supply side economics and teaching him or her to see through the populist traps created by bureaucrats.

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Economy in the short- and long-run

The main idea of Economics in One Lesson may sound obvious: there are short- and long-term consequences of economic policies. One should not ignore the results which will become evident in the long run and let him- or herself become hypnotised by immediate results which are often misleading and can be used by politicians and governments as a way to carry through the left and near-communist paroles.

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Supply Side Economics

In his book Economics in One Lesson the author illustrates the danger of such equality-driven one-day solutions, naming them "fallacies". Hazlitt provides examples from Labour Economics, International Economics and Public Economics, showing that most of the measures taken these days by modern governments, trade unions etc. and supported by all sorts of progressist media are not only costly, but also dangerous for the countries' economies. Paid by means of taxes, the measures having nothing to do with the principles of Microeconomics and Macroeconomics, are most of the times destructive and hamper the productivity of the country's economy.

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Summary of Hazlitt's Economics Lessons 

Henry Hazlitt's Economics in One Lesson Summary  

In his book book Economics in One Lesson, Hazlitt teaches us to recognise not only primary consequences of economic policies in the short-run, but also pay attention to possible results which come in the long run. Apart from that, one should take into account as many facts as possible when making decisions concerning labour economics, public economics, international economics or any other economic area so that the country's economy might work for everyone. Though not always possible, economic policies should be oriented at achieving economic, or Pareto efficiency.

Admitting the existence of natural human efforts for lucre, or self-interest, Hazlitt points out that interventionist barriers are not only redundant, but in most cases dangerous. The natural and, therefore, efficient division of labour are the basis of the so-called supply side economics which is essential for the increase in production and, thus, economic growth of one particular country.

Finally, the biggest lesson of the book is the following. People tend to see only what hits them in the eyes. Instead, in economics one should adopt a pragmatic and objective approach towards the reality. One needs to learn to distinguish between economic phenomena and political paroles, which are very often mixed up.

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