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Nobel Prize in Economics 2016: Contract Theory (Hart and Holmström) in Economic Theory

In 2016, the Nobel Prize in economics was awarded to two scholars, Oliver Hart and Bengt Holmström, who had developed the contract theory ...


What is API: Technology of Working with Quantitative Data

In these days of information abundance, one is supposed to stop taking the information spread by the media as indisputable truth, at least...


Free Ebooks Download | Games Strategies and Decision Making 2nd Edition Harrington

Follow the  ebook download   link  to to download the book  Games Strategies and Decision Making 2nd Edition Harrington  pdf  ( ebook down...


Free Ebooks Download | Economic Growth 3rd Edition David Weil

Follow the  ebook download   link  to to download the book  Economic Growth 3rd Edition David Weil  pdf  ( ebook download ). For even ...


Free Ebooks Download | Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt

#FreeEbook in #Economics : The book Economics in One Lesson  by Henry Hazlitt was published more than half a century ago, but its "...


Economics | International Trade and North–South Industrial Location | #economics

International trade is one of the prerequisites of economic growth of modern countries. Two centuries ago, Ricardo put forward his mode...


Life Reflexations | Victory Day in Russia | #ДеньПобеды

#ДеньПобеды Every year, Russia celebrates its Victory day. The media all over the world uses that to demonise the country and its presiden...


Microeconomics | Fixed vs. Variable Costs | #economics

#economics Costs refer to amounts that have to be paid or spent in order to obtain or produce something . Oftentimes, the amount of a cost...


Excel Tutorials | How to Make a Drop-Down List in Excel | #ExcelTutorials

#ExcelTutorials A drop-drop down list in Excel helps us to spare some time instead of creating separate tables. In this series of our Ex...


Excel Tutorials | Future Value vs. Present Value in Finance

In finance, to understand the value of money one needs to travel between different time periods. When we do this, the idea to keep mind is...

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